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PORCELAIN - from tableware to dental restoration

PORCELAIN - from tableware to dental restoration

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Titolo: PORCELAIN - from tableware to dental restoration
Autore: D. Tulyaganov , M. U. Tomalino
ISBN: 9788879924078
Pagine: 160
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Ceramic materials are as old as human civilization and ceramic works of art and industry have been produced worldwide, by culminating in Europe with the discovery of the mysterious composition of Chinese porcelain.  This book has the main objective of offering an interpretative historical key and an updated technical picture of the fundamental importance of porcelain in economy, science and technology along the entire historical development. 

After a general historical introduction on ceramics and on types of pottery (earthenware, stoneware, soft and hard paste porcelain, bone china), the first part of the book  deals more specifically  with the history of porcelain with a particular emphasis on the Chinese origin and on the consequent Asian-European developments until the success of the so called ceramic-porcelain industry.  The main raw materials for porcelain production (kaolin, clays, quartz, feldspars etc.) and their crystalline structures are described before the second part of the book invites to enter into the world of the modern porcelain and the principle technological operations needed for achieving high-tech performing finish goods.  The investigation of fascinating technological fields like the dental porcelain as a step towards the glass-ceramics, will help to answer to the important question about the reason why porcelain will remain to be the most demanded product in a human’s life.

As the book is the result of the very nice collaboration between authors belonging to the Politecnico of Turin and Tashkent, it has the ambition and the honor to represent the first concrete example of a common project developed by both these important academic and scientific realities.  

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