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Titolo: Applied Mechanics
Autore: C. Ferraresi, T. Raparelli
ISBN: 9788879924108
Pagine: 328
Errata Corrige: no

The book is the English version of a popular text that since 1992 has been adopted by several courses of the Technical University Politecnico di Torino, in the frame of Applied Mechanics. This text refers to the Italian third edition of the book, which includes the last updates related to the evolution of the several  courses of study of the Politecnico. The chapters of the book give complete description of the main parts of the Machine Applied Mechanics: fundamentals of Kinematics and Dynamics, main mechanical components in transmission systems, dynamic analysis of typical mechanical systems, vibrations of linear mechanical systems with one degree of freedom, typologies and functioning of roller bearings and lubricated bearings. Each chapter provides many exercises related to its specific subject. In the total of 175 exercises, about forty are completely solved, the remaining ones present all data and conditions to solve the problem and give the exact results. Such a relevant number of exercises allows to consolidate the knowledge of the basic principles of the Applied Mechanics and to acquire the ability to apply such principles to real engineering problems. These characteristics make this book particularly fit as tutorial support for all basic modules of Applied Mechanics included in the several courses of Engineering.


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